zaiva game home screen
Bosk/Arcadia serious game - team project gd3d- Project management, 2D art and animation
Graphic Design (freelance) - Planeren Event
Adobe XD prototype VR visualization - Made Karlijn Suurd and me
Bumi clothing concept
Digital clothing brand Concept - Individual School project - Minor Concept Academie
Logo Design For Barber Brigade
Human Grwth - Personal purpuse driven project (begin phase)

Customer journey for the terpenttocht VR project

Loop Animation “Stuck in process” (practice) – Minor Visual Storytelling

Pirri Design contest
Graphic Design contest - Pirri

2D intro Animation Ray Fuego (practice) – Minor Visual Storytelling

Card "Voorjoe" for lonely eldery
Card design "Voorjoe" for lonely eldery

Terpentocht – team project gd3d – Research, Concept creation, Ui Design, 3D artist

Terpentocht Gameplay Video – Minor Game Development and 3D 

bykribb glow in the dark graphic t-shirt design & printing