Client: Bosk (Arcadia)

Roles: Project management, 2D character design & pixel artist, 2D animator.

Team roles: Research, Concept creation, Protoyping, storytelling 

Minor: Game development & 3D design

Bosk is an organization under Arcadia that has focused its attention on the need to look differently at the relationship between humans and nature. In this, within the minor Game Design & 3D development, we were tasked with developing a product that could be used alongside the BOSK, suitable for elementary school children in group 7 & 8. The awareness around sustainability is small for kids. Herefore we created a product with the goal of creating awareness for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) for elementary school children.

The resulting product that took shape is an interactive serious game that can be played in the classroom by the teacher and individually. The focus is on playfully teaching children about the SDGs through assignments and stories in the game. In which “zaiva” (the character played) is the chosen one to save the forest from extinction due to climate disasters and natural threats.  

Pixel art gif
Bever Idol pose
Zaiva Evolution idol pose
Pixel art side walk
Inventory owl side walk cycle
sleeping gif pixel art
Wild boar sleeping cycle

Learn insights: Scrum for continuous team improvement – prioritizing with the MOSCOW method – organizing retrospectives – leading performance appraisals – improving team building – creating a research plan – focus group research – semi-structured interview – nalyzing data and generating insights with saturate & group method – communication with the client – chairmen’s role in meetings – prototyping our concept- creating a flow chart – concepting – pitching our product – pixel art – character design – loop animation – creating tile sets for the developer